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Life @ WHOPA

Life @ WHOPA

Discover the Joy of Learning and Fun at the Lions Summer Camp

May 16, 2024

The Lions Summer Camp is back, and it's better than ever! Designed for children aged 5-13, this seven-week Christian camp offers a vibrant blend of academic enhancement, recreational activities, and social development, all within a safe and nurturing environment. Our camp promises an enriching summer experience filled with both learning and laughter.

Visit the Summer Camp page for more details and to register 

At Lions Summer Camp, we believe that summer is a time for children to grow in all areas of their lives. Students can make significant academic strides, and strengthen their relationship with God while enjoying the quintessential summer camp experience with a structured daily activity schedule and exciting weekly field trips. 

This affordable program provides excellent value and a wealth of fun and educational activities.

Themed Activity Weeks
Our camp features themed activity weeks, where campers can choose their focus for weeks 1-6, ensuring they engage in activities that interest them the most.

Weeks 1-2:
Basketball All Stars
Makerspace & Robotics Camp

Weeks 3-4:
Under The Sea
Culinary Creations!

Weeks 5-6:
Artists of the Future
Bible Camp

Week 7:
Bible Camp Continues

Your Child can Join us for An Unforgettable Summer

The Lions Summer Camp is more than just a place for children to spend their summer days; it's a community where they can grow, learn, and make lasting friendships. With a rich variety of themed activities, dedicated staff, and a focus on personal development, this camp offers an unparalleled summer experience.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to provide your child with a summer full of fun, learning, and spiritual growth. Enroll them in the Lions Summer Camp today and let their summer adventure begin!

Visit the Summer Camp page for more details and to Register 




Apply for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

May 16, 2024

Enroll your child now for a wholesome learning experience at WHOPA! Our vibrant campus, dynamic programs, and caring community make education a joyous journey. Secure your child's place and let the adventure begin!‚Äč

Elementary School: Kindergarten - Grade 5 

Middle School: Grades 6 - 8 

High School: Grade 9 

Why Choose WHOPA? 
96% of our parents choose WHOPA because of its:

  • Safe and positive learning environment on a secure campus and has a zero percent tolerance for bullying. 
  • Quality Christ-Centered education taught by teachers with a Biblical Worldview. 
  • Innovative programs, opportunities, and activities that challenge and inspire students. 
  • Commitment to supporting students at all levels, ensuring each child is catered to by our dedicated and resourceful teachers. 

Learn More about how a WHOPA Education can make all the difference in your child's life. 

DOWNLOAD your copy of our Parent Information Packet and learn more.  

Interested? The next step will be to book a tour with us. Meet some of the WHOPA team and explore our beautiful campus where students excel not just academically, but also spiritually. 

Schedule A Tour

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Celebrating the Bright Futures of WHOPA's 2023 Graduates

July 25, 2023

As the sun set on a beautiful day, a sense of accomplishment and joy filled the air at WHOP Academy's Graduation 2023 ceremony held on May 26, 2023. We had once again witnessed another cohort of students, ready to make take on their next chapter, guided by the principles of Christian education.

At WHOP Academy, education is more than just textbooks and exams; it is about nurturing the whole person - mind, body, and soul. Throughout their journey at WHOP Academy, our students are immersed in an environment that encourages academic excellence while fostering a deep understanding of Christian values. The school's vision of education goes beyond preparing students for successful careers; it aims to equip them to be compassionate, empathetic, and service-oriented individuals.

Under the guidance of dedicated faculty, the students grasp the teachings of Christ, learn how to love one another, show kindness to the less fortunate, and practice forgiveness. These values became the pillars on which their characters are built, enabling them to face life's challenges with strength and grace.

In addition to spiritual growth, WHOP Academy emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, creativity, and community involvement. Students are encouraged to explore their passions and talents, both inside and outside the classroom. We believe that a well-rounded education will empower them to be leaders, innovators, and change-makers in an ever-evolving world.

As we celebrate our lower school graduates for progressing to the next stage of their journey, and we bid farewell to our middle school grads, we are confident not only in their academic preparation but also knowing that they have the seeds of faith and compassion sown in their hearts.

Congratulations Class of 2023. May your journey be blessed with success, fulfillment, and the joy of touching lives. 





Sharing Joy

July 25, 2023

As a generous display of love and compassion, Worshipers House of Prayer Academy continues to host its monthly Farm Share Community Food Distribution serving over 200 families in need across North Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Shores, and surrounding areas. 

Emulating the teachings of Jesus, students and faculty unite to serve the community, distributing essential items with beaming smiles. The experience not only touches lives month after month but also leaves a lasting impact on young hearts, igniting a passion for selfless service. 

5th-8th grade students and teachers participated in what has now become one of our main service learning opportunities. Service to others is one of our core values and teaching our students how to serve and lead as Christ did helps us to fulfill our mission to empower our students to impact their world for Christ. Activities such as this one also teaches them empathy, generosity, care for humanity, servant leadership, Christian discipleship, love for others and the list continues. 

The items we distribute monthly vary, but in this instance, we delivered essential food items in the form of produce and grocery items.

In service to humanity, we continue to prove that simple acts of kindness can shape character and build a brighter future.



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