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Our History


Ignorant, aimless, apathetic, selfish and incompetent—these words echoed the concerns of families for the future of their children caught in the world’s system. This cry, nearly 13 years ago, was the tool used by God to lead Pastor and Sis. Zizi to establish Worshipers’ House of Prayer Academy. Our first class debuted with 15 students in a corner of our small storefront church in Hialeah, FL.

The Excellency of Christ has been our anthem from the start. From operating in less than 1,000 square feet of a storefront church, to obtaining a 7,000 square foot building with endless possibilities, we’ve excelled. From well-below average student achievement to students scoring at or above the national norm, we’ve excelled. We have also demonstrated our commitment to quality and progress with the establishment of our athletic, career development and free meal programs, the maintenance of small class sizes, and more.

We have made excellence in Christian education—especially to urban students—our business and we will not relent until it is achieved.

No longer will anxiety plague Christian families seeking an alternative for their children, for Worshipers’ House of Prayer Academy exists. We exist as an ever-expanding ministry that will continue to provide God's best in Christian Education, since 2000 and for generations to come.