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  Name Title Group Contact
Jade Brolly Brolly, Jade Secondary ELA Teacher | Queen's University of Belfast , M.A. Modern Literature
Marsha Felix Felix, Marsha After-Care Coordinator
Michelle Frederic Frederic, Michelle Academic Support Coordinator | Administrative Secretary| B.S. Psychology, Florida International Univ
Tomica Frederic Frederic, Tomica Kindergarten Teacher| Early Childhood Education
Darryl Gill Gill, Darryl Secondary History & Science | Coach | B.A., University of Akron | M.A. - Public Administration
Dr. Lashawn Gill Gill, Dr. Lashawn School Counselor, Director of Dev.| MA.Ed - Malone Univ., Community Counseling | Psy.D, Walden Univ.
Karen Jefferson Jefferson, Karen Secondary Mathematics Teacher | University of Miami, Mathematics & Psychology
Darrel Jones Jones, Darrel Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher| M.S. - Liberty University, Exercise Science
Stephanie Magene Magene, Stephanie 1st Grade Teacher | B.A. - University of Miami, Education & International Studies
Destinee Romain Romain, Destinee Secondary History & Science Teacher | Wesley College, M.A., Business Administration
Jonas Salomon Salomon, Jonas School Security
Theresa Seymour Seymour, Theresa 4th Grade Teacher | M.A., B.A. - SIT Graduate Institute ; Enegu State University of Science
Marlene St.Hubert St.Hubert, Marlene Custodian
Eileen Wedderburn Wedderburn, Eileen 2nd Grade Teacher
Daphne Zizi Zizi, Daphne Administrative Support | BBA - Florida International University, Finance| MS.Ed - Liberty University 3052003245
Deborah Zizi Zizi, Deborah Principal | B.S. - Florida Memorial University, Elementary Education 305-200-3245
Emmanuel Zizi Zizi, Emmanuel Senior Pastor & Co-Founder 3058297004
Marie Zizi Zizi, Marie Founding Director 3052003245
Nick Zizi Zizi, Nick Director of Spiritual Life 3052003245