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Tuition and Financial Aid

2019-20 Tuition Schedule

Grades K-3: $7,824 / year

Grades 4-5: $7,528 / year

Grades 6-8: $7,815 / year

2019-20 Fee Schedule

Application Fee: $120 (per family)

Testing fee: $65 (per family)

2019-20 Book Fees

Grades K-5: $135 / year
Grades: 6-8: $155 / year

The value of an innovative, faith-based education cannot be measured, and the cost of an exemplary academic experience should never hold a student back from reaching their potential. Financial aid is available to qualifying Worshiper's House of Prayer Academy students. For more information about scholarship and loan programs, please contact our admissions office. Or, click to learn about Step Up for Students, McKay Scholarship, and Personal Learning Scholarship Account programs.